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Create custom FB Tabs in just a few minutes

What is myChaptr?

With myChaptr you can create a custom landing tab on your Business or Fan Page. It's the easiest and quickest way to get your custom content on Facebook.

- Use it for event registration and embed a signup form

- Display a sales video for your product by embedding a Youtube or Vimeo video

- Use a coupon template and offer your customers exclusive Facebook deals

Any way you slice it, myChaptr is a simple and effective tool that helps you connect your customers on Facebook to your custom content.

Create your custom Tab in less than 5 minutes

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Each custom Tab has it's own dedicated URL which you can use to post, tweet, and email to your customers. Leading them directly into your funnel.

Why Your Own Custom Tab?

There are lots of reasons but here's all you really need to know:

Millions of Facebook Users (aka potential customers)


Having Your Own Custom Page with myChaptr of course :)


Awesome Marketing Tool on Facebook

myChaptr tabs have their own dedicated URL that can be posted, tweeted, and emailed. Leading people directly to your page and into your funnel.

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Best For Personal Use Small Business Design Shops
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Multiple Tabs
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